2018 Rates


Leurres available
Leeches : 6 $/dozen, taxes included Worms : 6 $/18 worms, taxes included

Sonar rentals
5 $ per day, or 25 $ for the week

Electrical motor rentals
5 $ per day, or 25 $ for the week


A 50% deposit is required with reservation.
Deposit non refundable if you cancel your stay, but you can be replaced by a person of your choice. On reception of this deposit, you will be sent a written confirmation. Our house-boats are insured for damages and liability.

The customer will be responsible for loss and damages he caused (fair wear and tear excepted). If we can’t provide you with a boat at the agreed dates because of circumstances out of our control (major damages, mechanical problems, etc.), the company will pay back the deposit required at reservation and will be discharged of all other responsibilities.


You can download our leaflet by clicking on this link :

Achimac leaflet 2018