Packing up?

Here are a few basic essentials:

  • Fishing gear
  • Fishing licence(s)
  • Flashlight
  • Groceries (just in case …)
  • Camera, binoculars
  • Coolers ( for refreshments)
  • Personnal effects
  • Rain suit

You can download our complete «checklist», up-dated fresh from last years experiences of « I forgot... »!

This list is only a reminder and items are optional.


Captain Dan's recipes

We’re not all fish lovers even though we love to fish. Here are a few proven recipes that are sure... To rally even the fanciest palates.

Chowder du Capitaine Dan
Pain de poisson du moussaillon
Papillote de doré
Tresse de doré

A memorable fishing experience!

Four fishermen share their fishing trip.

Best leurres

Fishing is excellent at the Gouin Reservoir.
But then again, using proper technique is key !!

Walleye: early in the season
4-10 feet deep: leeches

  • Hook and small splitshot (cast & bring in slowly while staying at the bottom)
  • Small jig (1/8 or ¼)
  • Floating Jig
  • Worm harness (Bob-it)
  • Slip-Bobber

Walleye: end of June & July
8-15 feet deep: leeches or worm

  • Jigs (¼,1/8, 3/8)
  • Worm Harness
  • Slip-Bobber
  • Rapala, Hot'n'tot, Thin Fin

Walleye: August & September
15-40 feet deep: worms or leeches

  • Jigs (¼, 3/8)
  • Bottom Walker
  • Worm Harness
  • Rapala, Hot'n'tot, Thin Fin

Walleye: trolling
My favourite leurres and colors:

  • #1 Rapala F11G (gold)
  • #2 Thin Fin (orange-blue)
  • #3 Hot'n'tot (gold with red lip)
  • #4 Bottom Walker (½) with worm harness

Pike: ... ah yes, let's not forget pike!
2-3 inches Dare Devil

THE one and only Dare Devil (red and white)
Beware of imitations...